Saturday, 24 January 2009

What a busy month

Hi everyone......its been awhile that i have been blogging. I've been busy lately doing school stuff. Moved to a new school so everything have to start from scratch. Making new friends, getting used to the environment and the students over there. This year, I'm teaching EPPS which is an English Program for Pre-School. So far the kids have been good. Just need to discipline them. With EPPS i have lots of things to do. Like finding picture for my lesson, find craft work for them and the list go on. No forgetting to mention my class - Year 3. I have 31 pupils now and MAN.....alot of books to mark.

Well....this year I'm trying to live healthy. Been going to the gym 3 times a week. So far so good. I try not to break it. If I'm lazy I push myself. I go to the gym in the evening with Kel (that's after work) So i arrive there abt 6 and I go home by 7 plus or 8. This week we had a new fren. Kak Mai decided to join us. Which is good but the sad thing is ....after gym she goes back to the office. Not so good eh! Whoever is reading this .....for e.g. my EST sisters....I have lost a little of weight but not so much lah. Pls ah dun think that I lost weight because I'm getting married ah!!!!! Saja its this year resolution for myself. I'm hoping that I can lose abt 5kg & more. And at the same time, its to get Kel to exercise abit. It's good that she is enjoying herself coz she can see some changes esp in body wise lah.

Had plan to sleep just now after I had my lunch but I was just preoccupied with my facebook n the internet that I forgot about sleeping hehe. Well I'll try to upload some pic of Ivy's wedding which was like last year about a month ago. So expired olerdi lah. But who cares ah. So take care everyone...enjoy ur weekend & Gong Xi Fai Cai to all the Chinese people who are celebrating it esp to my uncle and my friends. Drive safe everyone =)

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