Thursday, 22 October 2009

The long gone Raya

Hi everyone, am sorry that i have not updated my blog. I've been busy with work and at the same time lazy to blog at the moment. Well raya is gone and honestly speaking....raya is not so cheerful as the years before.

Well here are some pictures of me during raya from the day that i went out rayaing with my other half or with my bEST girls. So enjoy the pictures. I might not include any details to it as I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment. So do excuse me for my lazyiness hihi. Enjoy

This is Keith's 1st daughter. Ngam terjumpa d rumah Tayat on a Saturday b4 school re-open

A fgly pose from me...YUCK!!! hihi

Us at Diwi's crib...where we made ourselves right at home hihi

Us at Siti Nora's parent's house. My 1st time there n Sharin n I met up with Kathleen & Zana there.

Adibah, Tyng n I was the only one left at Andy's place. We were there till 11pm hihi.
Thanks Andy for the great company. It was great!!

The girls with Andy and we were trying to get that CUTE photo of him when he was a young man hihi. CUTE Eh!!!

Surprise birthday celebration for Bebeh & Jane on the 4th October @ Muja's crib

The Mastermind for the double celebration (Muja & Ommy) - I was shocked when I saw two cakes and it actually caught me by surprise hihi

This is Jane's birthday cake - all thanks to Anne if I'm not mistaken. Ice-cream cake from LeApple....Yummy

This is Bebeh's birthday cake. All thanks to Jane & Ommy (I like this cake too) **hint**hint** to the other girls I wld love to have this cake too hihi

The two birthday girls....Manis ya hihi

A group picture of us =) Sweeeettt

The birthday girls with their cakes

Solo pictures with the birthday girl

Raya at my x-colleague house on the 7/10/09 Wednesday

Bebeh, Me, Lina and on top Eda.

Lina & her daughter. They were testing my old camera that can turn 360 degrees hihi

Group pictures of us who came.

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