Sunday, 28 September 2008

Visiting Baby Eliza in Spore

Hi everyone!Few days before Raya I was quite disappointed with something or is it some people. Well watever lah!!!Well the topic is about Baby Eliza. I went to S'pore with my sisters on the 19th of September (on the early flight out of Brunei) and I came back on the 21st September(the late flight back to Brunei)

Here are some pix of our trip to S'pore. Enjoy everyone.

Kel n I at the airport. Waiting to board the plane.

Kathleen catching some ZzZzZzs before boarding the plane as well.
It was funny how my tunang was finding a way to wave at us. He went to the waving gallery but could not see us. It was sweet n i did miss him when i was away.

This is Baby Eliza Harun DeSilva. This is how she was when we arrived at the house. She was just about 10days old. And she had small fingers. She is just so CUTE!!

An upclose picture of Baby Eliza. Pretty eh!

Mummy Yan giving milk to Baby Eliza. Look at her hand at her eyes and look how small she is.

Lots of pix of Baby Eliza

Kel and I at Mark & Spencer.

2nd day in Spore

Mummy giving Baby Eliza a bath.

This is the baby's room. Lovely eh and its big.

Baby Eliza buka matanya. Lapas mandi

Sexy ler baby Eliza.

The view from the apartment

Side view of her covering her face.

Front view of her covering her face.

Kathleen & Baby Eliza. She was jus crying ja.

Our 2nd Day in Spore shopping

The busy cars in Bugis Junction. Kel n I was waiting for the taxi. Kathleen was waiting in line for it.

Lots of people crossing the road. It was a Sunday so there were plenty of people on the street.

The unfinished building. Not sure what it is. It could be another shopping complex. Oh untung nya bini2 ani kena gambarkan oleh aku!!!!

My sore feet after a long day of shopping. My legs in Vivo City (it's a new shopping mall. Just open this year....if i'm not mistaken lah)

Kel at Vivo city. Using her new camera that she just bought abt a day ago.

Kel n I. Oh we look so chubby ler!!!!

Us again but this time witout my jacket.

Our pix together n it was the only day that we took a grp photo.

Our 3rd in Spore

On the headrest on one of the cab. Otw to Suntec city. A late start and we had to be at the airport by 6 plus2. The cab driver was friendly.

Kel taking out money at the HSBC branch in Suntec City, Spore (promote HSBC ler - part 1)

Kel in action taking out money. Eh dang what is ur pin no ah? Tak nampak ler.

I think ani ia masukkan the amount that she wanted. Wow brapa ah ur take out and baik eh banyak duit hehehe =)

The Ben & Jerry in Suntec City. Was craving for ice cream since we landed Spore and only on the last day i managed to get hold of some ice cream. YUMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!

Oh yes at last ICE CREAM!!! Nah look at that smile on my face. Happy kan??? hehehe it was really yummy. Sayangnya Brunei ani nda.

Me posing with a HSBC banner (promote HSBC part 2) and look my ice cream pun ada. (alum ku start mkn time a2)

Us leaving Mummy Yan and Baby Eliza. =(

Kathleen, isn't it big?(bag nya ler) Us waiting for the taxi to come.

Me with my small one & and another bag with the HSBC logo. (promote HSBC part 3)

C Kel lagi tah besar bag nya tu.

The view from below of the apartment. Lawa ah and tinggi jua.

Saja boring ambil gambar. A bin with a label "Singapore Litter free"

Me in the cab. Otw to the airport.


Back Home!

Us in the kitchen. My darling cutting the cake dat we bought at the airport in Spore

Us cam whoring. Jalan2 entah cari apa
N lastly me ler to end this post. Hope u enjoy.

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