Saturday, 6 September 2008

Out wif frens b4 Puasa

Hi everyone, just wishing u guys selamat bepuasa. Well so far i have been doing well wif my fasting. I've been fasting 3/5 days which has been quite good hehehe. Well here are some pix of me and my est and wif my close frens on the same nite dat was on the 30/08/08 in pizza hut (wif est) and in coffeezone qlap (wif my close frens). Well enjoy the pix that i've taken. Do comment. Ur comments are always welcome. ENJOY!!!!!

Oh I nearly forgot about one thing. Before i post up pix of me & all of my darlings, let me post a pix of some roses that i got from my dear, darling tunang. I forgot abt our anniversary on the 28th coz we were arguing abt something. So we totally forgot abt our anniversary. So to make up for it he gave me ROSES!!! i was so shocked but happy at the same time coz this was the 1st time that he ever did it for me. So my dear reader, enjoy the pix of my roses hehehe

Now here are the pix of my dear est and I on Saturday nite d 28/08 at pizza hut.

Our surprise bday party for Jan. She was surprise which was good hehe. She tot it was
someone else bday until she realise it was for her hehehe.

The pizza hut people singing happy bday to her in 3 different languages.
hehe it was cool hehehe

Bebeh looking at the camera =)

Jane looking at the camera. Oh look at the smile on her face.

Oh look at the beautiful cake from the side. Isn't it lovely hehe.

Oh look at Jan smiling and laughing. Dis is a good pix of her hehe

Jane thinking of a gd wish.

We clapped our hands after Jan made a wish. Yeaahhh

After d blowing of the cake, we decided to take a grp pix of ourselves.

Us wif our silly faces hehe

Us from the view above.

Us doing something silly =)

Jan cutting the cake.

The lovely cake.


Another pix of us.

Me feeding my darling, my love wif cake =p

Us again. Me giving him a chocolate bit from the cake.

Our only pix alone during that nite. We wore the same colour.
It's been awhile since we did it.

Bebeh, Tayat, Me and Amal (looking sad after our heart to heart talk)

Now below are a few pix wif some of my close frens

Abg having a gd time or a funny talk wif the twins. (Ismi & Isa)

Caught u in action Isa!!!

Oh wat are they talking about ah???Mcm serious ja??

The rest playing Jingga and some of us jus watching (like Kel & I did)

The whole group b4 Kel,abg & I say gdbye. Had an early start sal kan ke Miri d next day.

The last pix for that nite hehe

Well i hope everyone had fun reading & looking at the pix dat i jus posted.Till the next one bye. Extermely full from my sungkai buffet hehe. Take care and selamat berpuasa everyone.

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