Friday, 15 August 2008

My 3rd yr,2mths anniversary wif my dear half.

Today marks my anniversary with my love, my best fren and my half in this life. We have been thru alot of things together and we still managed to stay together and strong with each other. We are taking our time moving to the next stage of our life together. I’ve been thru mostly bad relationships so did he, and finally faith put us together and we met each other. I have no regrets meeting him; he is the best thing in my life. He is a great lover, a great cook (he cooks mostly for me and my colleagues), great with kids (kids seems to love him so much and not me) and the great thing that came in my way.

Although we are from different background but everything seems to be good. I’m myself with him. I dun need to be shy o pretend that I don’t eat much. We are both good eating partners =) It best to show your true colour so he doesn’t think that i’m all dat hehe. I fart infront of him and he is fine with dat. We do so many silly stuff together. I just can’t put what I feel in words. Here are some random pictures of us from our 1st date till now. Enjoy

On our 1st day. This was after our futsal match during psk.

Our 2nd date in JP. Us just hanging out and having fun with each other.

Our 1st picnic together in Muara Beach. Oh look it's the same t-shirt hehe
He made his special mee goreng and i did my 'peaches and cream' for him. We really enjoyed ourselves. And i miss those old days.

My 1st time at his sister's house. I slept over and helped his sister with the raya orders.

Our 1st raya together and his 1st time meeting my close frens from UBD. We had lots of fun and mkn alot of tapak kuda.

Us during my sister's surprise birthday and one of my favourite picture of all time.

Our 1st Xmas together, at my house. Oh's the same shirt again hehe

Our 1st picture for the beginning of the year 06. Us having dinner together with my adik.

Us at the mall in Swenson. We were cam-whoring, but the word cam-whoring did not exist yet hehe.

Us ard my house. It was at the backyard. Isn't it lovely?? The view lah. And look i'm wearing the same shirt. It was my favourite shirt at that time.

Us during our 2nd year for Xmas. His mother cooked for us and alot of people loves the food.

Him during his surprise bday party at my house. It was on the 19/08/07. he was surprise but happy at the same time.

Us during our 3rd year for Xmas. But look at his face. He was just tired as usual. It kinda spoil the picture coz he was not smiling at all.

Us in pizza hut. It was this year and i dun remember which month it was. I think it was in May.

Us in KB at a beach. It was after breakfast so we decided to just chill out at the beach. It was also taken dis year...the month? Am not sure when.

Us at Excapade in gdg wif my new haircut hehe

Us at the beach. This was before i cut my hair. I think this was in May.

This was taken last year if i'm not mistaken. Us having lunch together.

Us in coffeezone i think this year.

Hopefully there will be more to come. Hehe looking forward for our next anniversary together. Bye.......

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