Friday, 1 August 2008

ladies nites out in capers

Last Tuesday on the 29th July 2008, went out wif my old and close frens from ubd. It was a good nite. Did a lot of catching up n missing the good old days.

Us together but missing in action Amal n Ommy

Bebeh wif the fork in her hand. hehe

A candid shot of us doing watever we were doing. Me?Checking out myself if i look HOT in the pix

Anne?What are you doing?

Bebeh n i. Wow so shiny my face ah!!

Kel, Lucia, Bebeh n i

Odd one out. Me making silly faces n doing it on kel as well. Lawa lah adik a2.

Till the next post. but no worries there will be some more addition to this post. Nanti maybe on a monday.

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