Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My 2nd part for capers

These are pictures taken on my camera. Enjoy =)

This was our 1st pix taken together.

Missing was Amal n Ommy.

Hey Beh,bhapa tu? Feeling abit thirsty?

Lah bhapa tu Yat?Kissing bebeh? Odd!!! =)

A nice pix of us.

Another nice pix of us again.

Another pix of bebeh n I.

Kel, Lucia, Bebeh n I

Me pinching my little sister.

Eh cian c anne.Telinga kena tutup hehe


Ohhh!My darling n I. Love u syg.

Us wif our ugly face hehe

Passing something to my little sister. Me in action

My darling n I. =)

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