Saturday, 20 March 2010

Going off to singapore............

Hey there, I knw I hv been neglecting my blog for more than 3 months. Well lots of things has been happening. Been busy with this & that. N not forgetting about packing my stuff. Well most of my friends knows that I will be leaving 2moro to Singapore for 3 wks. Well Im one of those chosen people to go the Singapore for a School Twinning Program. Its mostly on English. To tell you the truth, I am actually nervous. I am nearly done packing my bag. Well to be exact, I have one large suitcase, and 2 bags. But tomorrow I will be bring 2 large suitcase, 1 is mine & the other one is my mum & my sister. 2 bags - 1 for my souvenir & the other one is my lappy & not forgetting my handbag of course lah. Well I'll try to blog as often as I can when Im there ya.

So far, the information for my trip is I will be leaving on the 21st (Sunday)- that's tomorrow & I will be back on the 13th of April (Tuesday) n the next day I will be back to holiday for me yet hihi. & I will be staying at the Royal Plaza on Scott (uuuuuu) About the school that we will be attach to is STILL A MYSTERY!!! Well Im just hoping that I will get enough sleep tonight. Am very lazy at the moment doh, to continue with my packing. Well I think I'll sign off now....till my next entree See u guys & hoping I'll be blogging when i'm in Singapore

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