Saturday, 27 December 2008

Xmas open hse

Well today 27/12/08 my family decided to have open house for Christmas. At first, it was a no no but then my dad change his mind. Well today business was slow and not much of my frens came at all. Out of my closest frens from two group only one from each group came.Ooooo and the twins came too SURPRISINGLY!!! Tell me how pathetic is that?? Heheh i actually felt sad abt it but wat the heck ppl have other things to do ler. Anyway its the end of the yr and maybe my invitation was a last min thing so like I always say "what the heck". Didn't take much picture at all coz i wasn't in the mood. Am still tired coz for the last 3 days I've been slaving myself to get the house ready as usual ler. At least I have tomorrow, where I can sleep in and be a lazy bum hehe. I tink the menu for this yr was great. We had daging rendang, ayam panggang dipped wif thai chili, sayur pucuk, nasi bryani, nasi kebun, acar, telur masin with sweet and sour sauce and ayam curry. The menu this yr was alot and we (Kel and I) was expecting awhole lot of ppl to come but well nda jua ler. But WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

I wanted to post up some pictures of my Chinese frens and I during Ivy's wedding but I'm still waiting to collect some pictures from the rest of the gang. Until I get it then I'll post it up on my blog or on facebook or both of it. Well its late olerdi and its 12.00 midnight and happy anniversary to my darling on our 1st yr being engaged hehehe =) Well its sad to see him go tomorrow morning.....he has to work but I'm sure there are still more anniversary to celebrate wif each other. K i'm signing off. Wishing everyone a happy new yr and enjoy ur new yr eve coz I'm gonna enjoy mine wif good bunch of frens hehehe =) but not with my baby ler. Bye n ciao

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