Saturday, 22 November 2008

Went to RTB with kids from school

Just yesterday I went to RTB with my kids. There was about 19 children that went for the trip. It was for a talk show called the Children's Chat Corner.There was only 2 teachers that went for the trip, it was Tchr Hadzelinah and me and it was a Friday. For sure the kids had fun coz when we were on the way back home they were still hyperactive. I was really tired and hungry.

We left school at 12.30pm and we came back to school 5mins to 6pm. There was no food at all so I end up being hungry for 6 hours. Well its okay. At least I got to spend quality time with my Primary 5 kids. Below are a few pictures I took during our little field trip.

The girls were the 1st one up to do their make-up. Rahim could not wait. He was jus excited.

My Primary 5 girls. From L-R, Rossma, Anis and Hafizah.

Me with the girls. And Haz is all the way at the back. The one with the tudung hehe =)

Amerah with her hair and make-up done. Being very shy =)

Zul getting his hair done. He was not excited about it but Rahim was!

Look at the his face. Balik2 ia btanya a lady about doing his hair. Then when I allowed him he was really happy with the answer.
Anis control ayu.

Ani ia senyum sal I asked her to smile for the camera.
Rossma so serious ja. But after that, she came out smiling from ear to ear.

Fizah holding the rubberband that the aunty gave her. The only girl in her family. So mcm princess ler ia yesterday.

Najib & Akram after doing their hair. Make-up alum plg. Look at Akram's face, he was not happy with the style that the aunty did for him.

This is half of the 1st group.

This was the other half of the 1st group.

The 2nd group with only 9 kids.

The other half of the 2nd group.

This was during the break. The lady asked the kids to talk more.

This was after the show. The BKN guy was about to give out their gift to them.

After the show. This was with the 2nd group.

This is with us in it and the 19 kids.

And this was the last pic before we head out.

I think Haz and I waited for nearly 10 mins for all the kids to come out. They were busy trying to get autograph of the two host. Well its not everyday they get to see them. So dulur lah kami tu. Well it was a good trip lah. K bye and till the next post bye.

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