Thursday, 6 November 2008

Raya in school

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since i have blog. Well been bzi with lots of things and exams is next week and one most important thing is the holiday which is around the corner. Just wanted to upload some pix of us in school. We celebrated Teacher's Day & Hari Raya on the same day which was on the 30/10/08 (Thursday). Enjoy!!!

Azman's wonderful gift. And below Nisah trying to pimp up his gift which turn out to be good. And it was the gift dat everyone wanted. Luck was with Haji Irwan. He got the gift. We were all so envious.

The gifts that everyone brought to school. OOOOO ada 2 stool ah!!!
Budget for the gifts were $10

The ladies before going down to the hall.

Bebeh, Wani n I

Azman caught in action hehe

Look, look at Haz hand!Doesn't it reminds u of something? hehe

Eh?What r u guys laughing at ah??

Our handsome male teachers hehe. D short one is our gb and the tall one is our guru ugama

Us outside. ppl yg nda dpt masuk the surau.

Lucia giving food to the PRA kids.

Ratna counting the numbers for the lucky dip. My hand and my no at the side hehe

Enjoying d good food that Farah prepared.

The kids enjoying the food.

Eating time!!!!

Enjoying the laksa that Haz brought to school

Ratna and our Datin Farah hehe (jgn mare ah Farah - saja)

Our other photographer Azman.

Lucia all smile.

Wani, Haz n Nisah.

Our so handsome GB

All smiles for Baizura

Me picking for my gift.

Arjah walking to claim her prize

Us also want to join in hehe

Bebeh, claiming for her prize too.

Azman picking a number.

He got his prize and as usual sempat kami bgambar. Biasa lah org suka cam-whoring hehe

Lucia walking up to get a number and look at the wide smile she had on her face.

After eating and giving away the prize, sempat gi kami cam-whore ler. Beh....npa serious muka mu tu?? =)

Us again but this time the focus was more to the trophies behind us hehe. Thanx Lina tapi lawa jua.

Us in the computer lab-kes nda kaja ler tu =P

Us blocking Wani & Haz - sori girls hehe

Farah, Nisah n I posing with the cute pink stool that Farah bought.

I dun even remember what was funny but we really had fun lah!

Us again. Kan balik plg ni tapi sempat masih kan bgambar plg hehe. We're not camera shy esp the guy in red hehe

Azman & I checking out the Hua Ho bag. Sakai banar wah kami dua tu hehe

Us posing wif the recycle bag that Bebeh got from Hua Ho.

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