Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Raya 08

Hi everyone, its been a while since i blog. Well Raya is olerdi coming to an end n only now i upload some pix of me rayaing wif my darling.On the 2nd day of Raya I went to Miri wif my tunang's family. We went there to visit his 2nd sisters and of course his uncle and aunties.

Abg with Abas

Abg wif Aisyee

The little poser, Abas. (5th child)

Aisyah (4th child)

Arib (3rd child)

Adam (2nd child)

Azul (1st child)

Aisyee and Abg Azul. Azul was trying to get her to use her baju kurong.

Abas n I

Aisyee n I

Baby Aisyee (6th child)

The children

The parents - Kak Nani & Abg Mail

A family portrait

Our attempt taking pictures of ourselves

Well most of it looks good. We actually had fun taking picture by ourselves hehe.

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