Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Sungkai out at LeStadium 24/09/08

On the 24/09/08 (Wednesday) I went out sungkai with my sisters frens. It was plan a week before i left for Singapore. So I'm very sorry to my EST sisters that i could not make it to the sungkai out with you guys. But i'm sure you guys were happy wif the little thing that i gave u guys. Well below are some pix taken on that night. It was also Fani bday. And the cake was yummy. (dari Le Apple kali ah hehehe =)

Dee and i. Sempat gi posing b4 kan buka puasa. I didn't sahur dat day but i manage to last for the whole day. Good on me.

Kath n Dee. Entah apa ceta drg a2.

Dee doing the Kath pose. "Dee nda nampak ur eyes ler.

My lamb shank (i think dat's how u spell it =) Yummy tapi nda kena suruh abis kan.

My darling! Concentrate jua abg mkn a2??

another pix of him.

Kel pun cbuk cutting her chicken. Ia pun concentrate banar. She didn't realize that i took her pix until i told her.

And this is the outcome after all the cutting. That person ah very fussy with her chicken ler.

Me and darling.

another pix of us. I didn't like the 1st one so i asked c Kel to take again hehe

It was Fani bday that nite. So we celebrate ler. Liverpool yo her cake and it was yummy =) anyway I'm not a big fan with football.

Dee and Sharin talking behind my back. Bukan apa they jus didn't want anyone to hear except for me hehehe =) I'm understanding so I dun mind.

Ani drg berdiri kan keluar and entah ah.

A very nice pix of Kel and Wina. Background pun lawa.

A pix of me alone. I think my darling was still outside with Dee. They were talking about something yg top-secret.

The cake yg yummy banar.

A group pix of everyone except for the cameramen. Mostly staff HSBC & 2 x staff HSBC (Kath n Dee) - i think.

Another pix of us.

Kel and I (darling yg gambar kan)

The 3 sisters (powerpuff girls hehe =)

The girls doing the Kathleen pose =)

The front view of us.

My tunang and I again.

And then Dee pun kan join begambar with us hehe. I dun mind. Lagi banyak lagi bagus.

Us feeling hot bekas dari luar. I dun knw what was funny plg

Me (funny ler) a2 lepas kenyang. C dee cbuk with her phone and Kathleen pun usulnya kenyang dah hehe.

Well I hope you guys enjoy reading n looking at the pix. I think the next one will be on rayaing. Me and my tunang family in Miri. Till the next post BYE Mwaaaaah

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