Sunday, 12 October 2008


Yeah now i can blog from home.All thanks to Kel. She bought Zoom and it's reali good. Today I'm feeling abit down. This morning, I went to the ATM machine to take out some my surprise my a/c kena deduct. So I knew my cuzen didn't pay her bill at all. I was angry and lots of things were racing thru my head. To think that this month i was really trying to budget myself out. Tau2 this happen. I was really disappointed. Wanted to go out wif my adik and tunang after we finished doing our things at home....tapi nasib jua my adik ani offer to borrow money.

So....I got in the car and msg my cuzen. She really did spoil my mood for the day. The msg was 2 pg long. After i sent the msg, i was waiting for her reply. After an hour or so,she reply back. "Hi dear,sori i've been bz." Bzi apa lagi tu?? I'm sure we all not bzi to pay our bills. This has always been her reply. This cuzen of mine is a big spender. She likes spending on expensive things like DKNY, Guess and so on. Tapi bill nya nda terbayar. Now I'm hoping that she does pay her bill soon.

Since I'm on the subject of disappointed. Well there was this incident, not going to tell u the whole details ler. You know whenever people give other people things they expect a thank u straight away kan? Well this happen to one of us. Someone bought something and gave it to people. Sekalinya this person waited and waited and waited but no one said TQ. The person pun terus disappointed. Terasa tah ia. Cakap nya "Lain kali nda tah ku kan membali lgi eh" Lah jgn tah camtu we said. Napa u kecil hati ani? So org a2 pun ceta. So i understand where ia coming from. I would also feel the same thing if it happen me. Cian jua org a2. Sabar ah. Simpan ja dlm hati.

Well....i think dat's it lah. Darling pun baru masuk bilik and said "R u not going to bath??Kan jalan jua liat wayang!" Yeah i'm going out but the sad thing is no money ler. I dun want to take out money from my piggy bank hehe. Well adik will belanja 4 sure =) bye and thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome =)

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