Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lights!Camera!Action!!! =) Part 1

In conjunction withe Sultan's bday we (my tunang, my sister n I) took some pictures and as usual cam-whoring around the bandar area. Here are most of the pictures that we took on the 12th n the 15th July. Enjoy =)

This is my abg. It was his idea to cam-whore on dat day. It was a Saturday if i was not mistaken. It was after i finished my meeting in Kiarong. So he decided that we should go around bandar and take some pix esp with the lights on.

Him again....we were trying to focus on the clock. Well we were nearly there but it was a gd try. Look at that smile on his face. This was in memory of his late father. His late father used to bring him around and take pix of him with the lights esp during Sultan's bday.

Him again...under this cool light. Oh can u see the fun donut box???I can't believe that they dun sell cheese garden. It so yummy ler.........

Oh!!!!It's me acting silly. This was taken at the alley in between HSBC and RBA building. The lights was just appealing, so we decided to take some pix around this area.

Oh!!!Now it was his turn to act silly. Dun you think he looks silly. i think it was the light that made him do it. Well there are a few more of him doing silly poses. So enjoy and laugh our hearts out hehe

Him pretending that he was running. Oh you can see the smile on his face. He was rushing me to take his pix coz there were a few people hang around that area. Kirakan malu lah tu.

Him pretending that he is superman. Boleh abg....jgn tah k. My fire fighter pun boleh. Masih jua jdi hero ayg ler hehe. I was laughing non stop but i had fun taking his pix.

A pix of us together. Tpksa jua ambil sendiri. Boleh jua lah. Asal ada pix of us togther jdi lah!

Another pix of us. Look at the background. Lawa kan hehe

This is the last pix of us during that day. Well for the 15th July pix i'll jus upload maybe 2morow. It features my tunang, my baby sister n I of course. Till then ciao

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