Friday, 18 July 2008

What a holiday!!!Had to work.

Although PSK is over,i just tot i might as well just add to my new blog. hehehe

This was my 1st day on the job. It was during psk and the start of my 2wks holiday. I was from school dat day. I had to complete my marksheet coz someone send me their marksheet too late. Got angry that day wif my tunang coz he was rushing me at school.
When i arrived at the indoor stadium, i was called the senior by my juniors. coz i have been in this futsal field for almost 3yrs hehe and i was one of the female futsal referee found here in Brunei.

This is our 2nd day pic. Dat's my tunang in blue, me and our new fren Shukri (which is nearly the same as my tunang- attitude wise) 2nd day was okay but we still have plenty of things to do esp me. the reason for wearing the glasses was that i had to sit infront of the laptop from 1plus p.m till 6plus and it continues again at nite too. the 1st wk was really,really stressful coz i had so many things to do and most of the things i have to do was from scratch and was asked to hurry up with the reports.

Part of day 2 pictures

Us in our lawa uniform which was free of charge.Kain, tudung and upah. Siok ler.

The whole group for Futsal PSK VIII,2008.
Ball boys, referee, urusetia and everyone ler.

Some randoms pictures during psk.

I think dat's it for now. Hopefully there will be a part 2 nxt time for this PSK,2008 (klu i rajin to upload the pics again) hehe

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