Sunday, 20 July 2008

Weddings 08 Part 1 - Sharil's wedding

This year we had plenty of weddings to attend. Here are some random pixs of me, ppl who attended the wedding and some of the people who got hitched!!!Oh yeah.....when is it my turn??I think i'l wait for Ak. Azman kawin then i kawin hehe.

This is Sharil during his malam bebedak. We teased him about the colour of his baju. We all (the ppl who went for his wedding) said the colour of his kain looks like pink. but he told us it is purple. You guys be d judge of it lah.

Him and his **Bling**bling** hehe Look at the gold!!!

This is the things dat he was going to use. Atu sebelum d pasang arh orgnya ler.

This was time orgnya pasang rantai nya. Well we forgot to tell Lucia that those people were not his parents. She actually asked me when we were at the kem. I totally forgot to mention it to her but all was explain when his mother came around to salam us. This was something new for her coz all this while we have been attending the female side and not the male side.

This were the gangs dat attended his wedding and seems like in the pic dat Ckg Naemah was cut off. I think there was not enough space for the cameraman to take our pic. This was before we went down to the kem.

This is another pic of us.

And this is the last pic of him. Oh don't he look so handsome!!!Hehe
All the luck to Sharil in his new life with his wife, Vivi

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