Monday, 21 July 2008

Wedding 08 - Part 2

This the part 2 of weddings. I love putting in pictures. 2day is featuring Siti Rasiah n mostly pictures of my tunang n I during his cousin's wedding. Enjoy =)

This is Rasiah and her hubby time durang baru kuar n kan basuh kaki.

This is the 2nd pix - where she has settle down.

Another pix of them again. Dis morning i talked to her and she told me that it was really hot inside the kem. All of the entrance was blocked by people so i can imagine how hot it was. orang yang fan her was also lemah. She said that she could not feel anything at all.

This is d last pix of her and her hubby.What do you think they were looking at ah? I also dun know ler. Sadly there was no pictures of us who came to her wedding. It was hot. But those ppl who came know who they are hehe =)

This next group of pictures are featuring my tunang, me, a bed, a pelamin, his cousins and mostly us cam-whoring hehe. Enjoy

This is a picture of my tunang (he is in the middle) and his cousins. He was saying lets pretend that it's me yg kawin, okay? hehe. Men they do cam-whore as well.

This is the 2nd pix of them. You can see that they were all busy laughing. I dun remember what was funny. Oh i think i remember it was one of the boys mother who came in and she said "Oh ani rupanya kaja kamu!" She laughed and smiled away.

This is a pix of us together. Sayangnya i had to use my work baju coz we were running late. We were rushing coz we had PSK as well and it finished at 6plus and we had to be at his cousin's house b4 8pm. I just had simple makeup on. Like people said "Who cares malam jua nda orang nampak tu!" It was on a Thursday nite.

This is me in the car. Biasa lah cam-whoring ler. Siok kali ah. We were on the way to Bunut and it was a Sunday. So i had some time to get ready and pretty as well hehe. Baju yang ku pakai a2 it was baju raya 2 tahun lepas. I like the kain but the cutting was just not rite.

Us cam-whoring on the way there. Wow!!Same colour hehehe!

This is d bride's room. Isn't it lovely? I like the colour in this room and this was really big(her room ler!)

Us outside of the car. We were waiting coz our car got blocked. So we were bored and we decided to cam-whore for a while. Well there is not much pix of us cam-whoring plg hehe.

This is another pix of us. Handsome ler abg hehe

Still outside of the car. Waiting for the person to come and move their car. I think we were waiting for the person to come for nearly 20mins. orgnya ikut hadrah rupanya hehe

We got tired of waiting outside, so we decided to continue our cam-whoring in the car again. Not a really lovely pix but the last pix is my fav of us dat day.

This was the last pix for that day. I love this pix i dun knw y but i do. Well dat's it for wedding pix. Hopefully there will be more hopefully. Well there are 2 on the way. So if i do get some pix then i'll add it on the bog. Enjoy

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