Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Lights!Camera!Action!!! =) Part 2

This is part 2 of my pix during Sultan's bday. Enjoy once again =)

A pix of me n my darling. I can't believe that he is dat tall. I never notice. Lain kali i knw i will use high heels ler.

Kel and i. Trying to model but we burst out laughing coz there were people passing by. Lah wat is dat dot on my baju. Mesti pasal minum kali ah hehe

Us trying to push d building. Does it look convincing? I dun think so sal i was busy laughing plg hehe

Us posing. me still laughing as usual sal byk org meliat wah. Oh rupanya dat nite i saw Mortz wif cintanya.

Kel and i saying **peace** to everyone.

Saja posing hehe

Another pix of us hehe

Behind us a banner of a monument in Tutong our home town.

Us looking happy hehe

Lah adik apa u buat tu.


Posing. Lah i look so chubby ler.


Lah abg bahapa tu?

kel, abg n i. This was d 2nd last pix dat we took. We were already hot n it looks like it was going to rain heavily so we decided to go back home.

This was our last pix. I didn't knw what abg was doing. Either it was a peace sign or something else hehe. Till then......BYE

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